• Advantages and disadvantages of educational apps

  • For indemnification of educational needs of the modern person search for new and corresponding to the present time ways of information delivery becomes inevitable.But this will become possible only when all teachers of the educational industry will fully own and be active users of information and communication technologies. In this case, educational software development services will be extremely useful.


    The evolution of mobile applications has led to radical changes. For successful introduction of the modernized training systems there is a necessity in technologies which will allow working with them to any quantity of users, providing a good training environment. Let's consider the main advantages and disadvantages of using custom e-learning solutions.



    • providing a number of dialogue opportunities;
    • the use of mobile devices spurred the interest to learn from those students who behaved shyly and didn't show enthusiasm at the traditional serving;
    • autonomous training and information exchange;
    • sorting information to facilitate searching by specific criteria;
    • practical work with different technologies - access to materials not only about the topic being studied, but also additional knowledge, opportunities to use different kinds of technologies, which gives students the opportunity to achieve the necessary level of education;
    • review of different types of materials (video and audio materials of educational character) depending on the educational software solutions;
    • a chance to develop in step with the times, etc.



    • with the growth of use of mobile applications there is a decline in the development of communication skills as the contact between the student and the teacher will be minimized;
    • difficulties with free access to the Internet in some regions, necessary to use the convenient work of applications on gadgets;
    • capital financial costs to launch a quality mobile application;
    • if you are not able to work with a technical device, you may have other difficulties in studying the material, as well as in learning it;
    • loss of concentration when reading voluminous text passages, which are absent in some mobile applications.


    If you want to create such an application, it is possible to use services of the company https://inoxoft.com/industries/education-industry/. In spite of these shortcomings, some of them can be completely or partially eliminated. So, for example, it is possible to increase simplicity of use by means of the step-by-step instruction.